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Where It All Began
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Our founder, Deborah England started in the farming community transporting oversize farm equipment from farms in Iowa to farms in Arkansas. During the summer she would move oversize equipment during the seasonal wheat harvest. On a rainy March day, while drinking a cup of coffee, and chatting with a friend at the kitchen table, Asphalt Airlines was born. Having learned the demand of the pilot car industry Deborah took a chance and went on the road with her first pilot car.  Quickly realizing the potential expansion Deborah brought her sons into the company, starting the first expansion of Asphalt Airlines. With perseverance the company continues to grow.

Our Goals
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1.  Safety First Always

2.  Dependability

3.  Reliability

4.  Load Integrity

5.  Professionalism

7.  Affordable

We pride ourselves on our goals everyday, every load, every time.

Our Services

1.  High poles

2.  Steermen

3.  Lead/Chase cars

4.  Route surveys

5.  On the road mechanic services

6.  Fuel transfer services

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